We’re proud of our growing antique type collection here at Starshaped, and are excited to share it with you. Occasionally we do in-house studio projects to identify, organize and print both our metal and wood typefaces so that we can develop a better understanding of how they work and the types of projects for which they’d work well.
And sometimes we photograph our collection for other uses besides printing; the images alone are so lovely. Sit back and enjoy geeking out on some great type shots!

Here are a set of 19th century ornaments we received as a set. They are shown ready to be proofed; many have made their way into projects.

Big Type! This is a large piece of ‘type’ made to demonstrate the parts of a letterform. It was previously used in high school print classes.

We commissioned our own Chicago stars from Moore Wood Type!

We like to be classy, and here are round tags we created to add to finished projects leaving the studio.

One of the many jobs that interns handle is proofing our vast type collection. We set up and print black and white proofs of all the type that comes into the studio so that we know what we have and can get it into our work as soon as possible. Metal type is proofed on small cards and the wood is on large sheets, coupled with borders and ornaments.

When uppercase put out a call for ransom notes, we couldn’t help but tear into our bad proofs, forcing them into a little quote from Agatha Christie.

In 2013, we embarked on a year long project to highlight the best typesetting we could do. The result is T’ain’t What You Do, and you can read more about it here.

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