Starshaped Press

The Studio

Here’s our fine studio in all its glory. And here’s what we believe:

Keeping it old school. All projects are printed with antique metal and wood type or hand carved linoleum cuts to keep our craft as true to its roots as possible, as well as not having to create new materials (i.e. printing plates). Because of this, WE DO NOT PRINT PROJECTS BY OTHER DESIGNERS.
Secondhand materials. Most of our bits and pieces have been handed down from the previous generation of printers, and our work surfaces were built with reclaimed materials or lucky alley finds.
Maintaining excellence in typography and preserving the type we have so that it can be used for years to come, just as it has been preserved and used for the last century.
Respecting and knowing our vendors. Most of what we work with on a daily basis is sourced from the Midwest, and comes from similar small businesses.
Working with American, union-made paper. Cotton papers that have to travel thousands of miles are not more eco-friendly than 100% recycled papers made with hydroelectric or wind power in the Midwest.
Fostering a congenial attitude with fellow printers that we respect and admire and who occasionally inspire us by working with our equipment in new ways.

See the video the City of Chicago made about us!